Switch your cosy sweater and jeans and hit the Hot yoga room. Here’s why…

5 Reasons to do Hot yoga and Pilates in Winter

1. Beat the Winter Blues

Everyone knows that a regular yoga practice will make you feel good and will improve your overall mental health: It fights seasonal affective disorder depression and stress.
“When we move our body, we change our Soul” says Katie, Co-founder Soul Tiger Yoga.

If your mood needs a lift, go for a hot dynamic class such as Bikram or Inferno, and enjoy moving fresh oxygen around every part of your body! Trust me it will feel really good!

2. Stretches out tight muscles and keep flexible

On a cold evening its very tempting to wrap up, snuggle up on the sofa! But let me remind you: When you move less, our body gets tighter, when we move less our body becomes stiff (and pain begins to kick in) and when we more our body opens up and becomes more flexible.

3. Turbo Boost your body circulation!

When you come to a class you get the blood pumping! Many of us deal with cold hands and feet throughout the winter. But a class that gets your blood moving will bring your body back to life!

4. Fight winter colds and flu

When you commit to regular classes you give your immune system a boost. Energetic movement and sweating promote good health.
“Commit to 4 classes every week and feel on Top form” says Martin Co-Owner Soul Tiger Yoga.

5. It can help you avoid winter weight gain

Inferno Hot Pilates & Bikram Yoga is a smart part of a weight maintenance routine. Burn 500 calories a class? Why not! Every class is opportunity to burn calories and fire up your Soul!

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