Power Vinyasa Yoga, as all yoga, has it’s roots in Hatha Yoga. The word Vinyasa in Sanskirt means ‘to place’ (nyasa), ‘in a special way’ (vi) referring to the way the postures form the sequence intelligently. Vinyasa Yoga follows the Ashtanga 8 limb yoga path or methodology. The sequence focuses primarily on Asana (which are the postures as well as the movements and transitions into and out of postures) and Pranayama (which is breath control and movement of prana or energy around the body). The word power refers to the intensity level being turned up!

We could go to into an lot more detail which we are happy to with anyone interested in knowing more, but essentially we are moving our bodies in sync with a controlled ujayi (victorious) breath, so as to achieve a state of present moment awareness which dissolves away overthinking and aligns our physical, emotional and mental selves. In this way we are prepared to face whatever life throws at us.

The phyisical practice contains all of the important families of postures from sun salutations, standing, balancing, forward bending, back bending, hip opening etc. The sequence we offer, whilst not always exactly the same, will have a very similar format that will feel familiar after a few sessions. The practice is held together with three main principles, breath, drishti (single point of focus) and bandha (energtic locks around joints or joint centration). Our teachers are experienced and will offer cues that will enhance and keep you safe. The vinyasa sequence has been carefully structured to build strength, gain flexibility, range of movement and improve overall movement patterns.

You will be asked to work hard, move powerfully and breathe deep, you can expect to feel challenged, energised and transformed.

Cant wait to see you on the mat!


Marty and the Soul Tiger crew

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