We have been bursting with excitement to share our new brand.

Martin and I have enjoyed growing and evolving our business over the past seven years. Our business name ‘Bikram Yoga’ was no longer communicating the diversity of services and classes or our brand personality.

Our new name Soul Tiger Yoga is all about finding your true power and inner wisdom. The Tiger is the national animal of India, and is a truly magnificent creature, known for its strength and grace, as well as its incredible power.

We that in mind all our classes will show you how to tap into your Bengal Tiger strength whilst enjoying the elegance of flow and movement.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel powerful. All our classes are suitable for beginners through to experienced yogis!

If you have not already learned, we are husband and wife team. We work as a tag team 7 days a week – one of us at the yoga studio and the other, making dinner or doing the school run!

Being married and running a business together, isn’t without challenges but thankfully we are each other’s biggest supporters and we do like to have a good laugh!  After all, challenging our self in the hot yoga room is hard enough, so why not lighten the mood along the way!

But, we’re serious about creating a studio for you to love.

Grounded in yoga, we know that physical and mental well being greatly affects the way you think, feel and live. It’s more than just a yoga class; our brand is all empowering thus enabling you to live a strong and healthy life.

Soul Tiger Yoga is about normal people like you and me. We are all about empowering you to find your true soul and inner wisdom, through amazing yoga and pilates classes.

See you on your mat!

Katie and Martin

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