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Mel Lawson

Mel is an energetic Inferno Pilates teacher who started at our very own Soul Tiger Studio back in 2018. Mel’s commitment to Inferno Pilates has seen her transition from a passionate student to now a teacher. Mel brings an energy to the class that a lot of her students enjoy, guiding students through a variety of movements, to the HOT Hits playlist that will keep you enjoying the burn!

When Mel isn’t teaching Pilates she’s hanging out with her beautiful family, Jack, Sunny, Milla and Dan and exploring the great outdoors, travelling and enjoying the ocean.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Barbara Pickova

Barbara grew up surrounded by a sporty family and has always been active and enjoyed sports, but it wasn’t until she tried Bikram Yoga that she truly found herself. “I found something that makes me feel good from the inside out….. and the best thing is that great feeling doesn’t stop!”

Barabara has practising Bikram yoga daily since 2006. She completed her teacher training in Spring of 2007 and taught in Singapore for two years before returning to Australia, where she spent six months teaching at a newly opened Bikram studio in Noosa.

Now she has returned back to Sydney where she first started and where she feels she belongs the most. “I am thrilled to teach alongside so many amazing teachers here. Teaching is my daily passion and I’m blessed to be able to share something I love with others around me”.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Gay Raubal

Gay has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2013. A regular practitioner of Iyenga, Ashtanga and other Hatha yoga’s’ for 8 years, Gay was no stranger to yoga – or so she thought! “I remember in my first Bikram class trying every trick in the book to cope; I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, I’d never experienced anything like it”. However after about two months of practice, she realised something amazing was happening, her energy levels were higher she had no more pain from arthritis and she had new found flexibility & true concentration never before gained from her past yoga experiences. Gay found such a passion for Bikram Yoga that she has completed several personal challenges including doubles challenges -‘two classes a day, every day for a month’. What was amazing to Gay during the challenges was that Bikram yoga created so much energy that on some days she even did three classes a day. In 2017 the studio owners discovered another incredible discipline -‘ Inferno Hot Pilates’. Gay jumped at the chance to try it and she was hooked, she immediately became an Inferno Hot Pilates teacher. “Inferno is an incredibly beneficial practice in its own right, but it’s also the perfect complement to Bikram Yoga; practicing both really does build strength to create flexibility. Gay’s classes are strong, motivating and fun. ” I’m incredibly excited about the combined health benefits of Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates and I truly believe that everyone who practices Bikram and Inferno will feel better than they’ve ever felt in their life”.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen

Jacqueline began her Yoga Journey in The Hague, The Netherlands at Bikram Yoga Den Haag. At the time Jacqueline was a flight attendant and suffered from a lot of pain in her spine and her wrists. Three months after the Studio opened in 2006, Jacqueline signed up and noticed a change in her whole wellbeing pretty soon after.

She moved with her husband to Australia in 2007 and continued on her Yoga Journey in Brisbane. Always eager to learn, Jacqueline decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2008. Since graduating from TT she traveled all over the world to spread the Yoga Love and had the chance to meet many inspiring senior teachers, coaches, and some amazing yogi’s! After 2 years of traveling, in 2010 she decided to open her own Bikram Yoga Studio in Australia’s Capital, Canberra. Here she was able to create one of Canberra’s first ever Yoga communities. Over a period of 4 years she has lovingly created a welcoming Yoga Community, always making sure to keep growing herself as well by attending as many workshops and seminars around the world as possible.

After 4 years she decided to sell the Studio to focus more on training and coaching new teachers. Having a bit more time on her hands, Jacqueline became a Yin Yoga Teacher with Sarah Powers in 2016, has taught well over 5,000 classes and is proud to be Australia’s first Bikram 500 Hr Gold ERYT member with Yoga Alliance Australia. Her home base is now in Sydney where she teaches and coaches at different Yoga Studios, is a Teacher Trainer Leader for Evolation Yoga worldwide and she is currently in the process of starting a Coaching Program for new Yoga Teachers. Jacqueline always looks forward to helping students reach a new level of confidence, to see them grow into the best person they can possibly be: themselves. Her classes are full of energy and instructions and she loves to hold Camel pose a bit longer then strictly necessary!

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Kaz Swerdlow

Kaz started her Bikram Yoga practice in 1997 when it was first introduced to Australia

At the time she was participating in basic hatha yoga classes, weight lifting at the gym and working with a personal trainer.

Interested and inspired by yoga she wanted to find a class that was more challenging so tried different styles and after her first Bikram class never looked back!

Kaz completed teacher training in LA ( at Bikram original LA school ) in April 1990. (one of the first qualified teachers in Australia!) She has taught in Sausalito, San Francisco, Pasadena, London, Thailand and LA.
Returning to Australia she studied Yoga philosophy with Sri Rama Acharya and Shiatsu massage to complement her work as a remedial massage therapist.

Since then she has taught in Hawaii, USA and London as well as spending time in India studying Ayurveda and completing teacher training with Dharmavirsingh.

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, Kaz took time out to undergo extensive surgery and treatment before returning to teach in 2012. Kaz rates this time as a huge transition in life and especially her perspective and approach to teaching

After her own humbling experience of starting her practice again from scratch, she aims to teach with compassion, empathy and understanding for each student as a unique individual with their own needs, also bringing passion, motivation and inspiration to each class

As Bikram says: “never too late, never too old, never too sick to start again from scratch “

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Lucinda Varney

Lucinda is passionate Yin Yoga teacher who has had a personal Yoga practice for over 16 years including Prenatal, Hatha, Vinyasa and Ryoho. After noticing the incredible mental and physical benefits of regular Yoga practice, Lucinda embarked on her own Yoga Teacher Training journey. She aims to teach a mindful, safe practice accessible to everyone.

While studying at Byron Yoga Centre at a 200 hour Purna Yoga Teacher Training, Lucinda got a taste for the benefit of Yin Yoga and returned to complete a Yin Teacher Training Intensive. Lucinda is a qualified teacher in Yin, Purna, Hatha, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

Lucinda believes that a regular Yin Yoga practice is an opportunity to balance your busy Yang lifestyle. During her classes you will learn about the benefits that this slow but strong practice has for both your mind and body, using a variety of props to help you melt deep into long held poses and release the deep cognitive tissue. You will explore meridians, fascia release, breathing techniques (pranayama) and finish off with a relaxing savasana.

One of the newest member of the Soul Tiger team. Lucinda will take you on a journey within, with a challenging, yet rewarding and beneficial Yin practice. Her classes are suitable for all levels with variations given to encourage students to tune into their own bodies and do what feels right for them.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Rob Burland

Back in 2009, Rob’s partner Christel tried to persuade him to try out Bikram Yoga. Robs response was: “Yoga – men don’t go to yoga, can’t imagine blokes going to yoga.” After a heated discussion and to keep the peace Rob agreed to give it a go…

Rob, a keen surfer and runner at the time had read in a surfing magazine about professional surfers doing yoga and cross training to help them surf better; in fact, they were saying it gave them an edge over other competitors, helping to develop core strength and mental fortitude.

His first class was hard, hot and strenuous on both body and mind. Half way through, he felt like throwing up and doing a runner for the door! He attempted most postures but could not believe how inflexible he was! He was in awe of the rest of the class, many in there 40s, 50s and 60s, in front of him, nailing every posture in complete stillness, simultaneously maintaining a calm breath. He just knew he had to come back! Rob refused to be defeated so he went back to Bikram again and again and again. Each time, he noticed he was getting stronger, his breathing was getting easier and his mind was saying he could do this.

Within a month or two of regular practice, he felt incredible. Feeling energised all the time, sleeping like a baby! He noticed that he felt calmer at work. He was able to concentrate better and felt more relaxed and more confident around colleagues and customers.

In 2011, Rob took long service leave to pack his bags and head to the USA for the 9 weeks intensive Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher was a life changing opportunity.

Rob says that it’s been the most rewarding personal development of his life. During Robs classes he will share insights, passion and energy through and offer real inspiration to others.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Rowena Jayne

Rowena was first introduced to yoga In 1995 as part of her performing arts & acting degree. She hated it and thought it was boring & pointless! During her years working professionally in the performing arts industry Rowena developed an eating disorder & suffered from anxiety and rheumatoid arthritis which rendered her cripple, unable to work and in the depths of despair.

In 2003 she found Bikram Yoga and it turned her life around 360 degrees!  She embarked on teacher training in Spring 2005 and has never looked back! Rowena continued to return to the trainings and was invited to assist on the staff in 2006 while learning the advanced series with Bikram, Emmy Cleaves and her mentor Jason Winn.

She was hand selected to staff the first Hawaiian TT in Spring 2007 & went on to manage the whole staff team and become Bikram’s PA & second head of education in the Mexico TT in 2008. She also led the advanced classes during the teacher trainings for visiting teachers. In between trainings Rowena was the assistant to many senior teachers including Jason Winn, Emmy Cleaves & Craig Villani during their global seminars & retreats.

Bikram then sent Rowena to Mumbai, India in 2008 to open and manage the first Bikram Studio in his home country. Rowena was the two time Australian Asana Yoga Champion and also coached the children’s Third Place getter in 2010. She represented Australia in the world championships in 2007 & 2011.

Rowena runs regular workshops & retreats and has mentored teachers both Nationally & Internationally and assisted in the running of the Bikram Yoga recertification program in Mexico in 2008. She is an avid practitioner and you will see her sporting her unitard in the front row daily. Yoga is life and she is so proud to teach & share her love of this incredible series with you!

Sonia Sierra Priego

Sonia Sierra-Priego

Sonia is from Northern Spain but she has lived, loved, studied and worked in multiple countries before finding her way to Australia in 2001. She came to this side of the world for a wedding, spent a couple of months surfing her way around Australia and New Zealand and loved it so much she quickly found a way to move here for good!

Her parents say she was an explorer and adventurer from birth and this rich and varied life experience has given her a unique mix of skills but her true passion is teaching health and wellbeing.

Sonia graduated from LSE in London and worked in investment banking for many years.

Nowadays, her adventurous spirit and natural curiosity are turned towards the world of health and wellbeing personal growth and the human psyche. Sonia thinks: “The power of the human mind became clear to me through many years of consistent yoga practice and my experiences as a Bikram yoga teacher”.

“I am fascinated by why we do what we do and constantly inspired by the amazing capacity we have as humans to grow, change and deal with whatever life throws at us’.

Her experience has shown her that is not our outward conditions but our inner decisions which shape our lives.

Sonia’s 1st Bikram Yoga Class was in October 2004. -I remember walking out of class with a feeling that was new to me, I loved it; it was hard but I enjoyed every minute of it; I remember reading a sticker in the changing rooms that read “Bikram Yoga is addicted” and I smiled thinking…. Well, it is official; I am hooked.

Sonia became a certified Bikram Yoga teacher in June 2009 after attending teacher training in Palm Springs.

The learning never ends and in search of ways to help people be the best version of themselves, pursuing a way to assist people achieving the perfect balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind, Sonia became a certified Life and relationships coach in 2012, and in 2014 she Certified in Toronto (Canada) as a Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Sonia is always working ‘for the pursuit of the better’ through self-reflection and continuing professional development, in 2019 October Sonia attended for the very first time to an Inferno Hot Pilates class, the combination of Bikram and IHP was simply “magical”, she felt stronger and more flexible than ever before, she soon decided to attend to the 2019 IHP with Gaby Walters in Melbourne and she became a IHP teacher.

Sonia loves teaching, she is very passionate about physical movement and wellness, Sonia absolutely loves teaching Bikram and IHP, connecting with students, and being part of the Soul Tiger Yoga team.

Instructors - Soul Tiger Yoga

Tony Elliott

Tony grow up in a small rural town in the North Island of New Zealand. He was always active, as a kid he swam competitively and played Rugby, as a Kiwi does. After school he joined the New Zealand Army where he continued to enjoy the physical and mental challenges. After leaving the army he found his way to Australia and went looking for new challenges, he was drawn to “ironman triathlons and ultra-marathons”. He has competed in the Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie and several other events around the world.

Like Rob, Tony needed to be talked into attending his first class, “boys don’t do Pilates, that’s a girl thing”. Eventually he also gave in to keep the peace and attended his first Inferno Hot Pilates class on early 2018 and has been hooked ever since. Tony has often commented that he wishes he’d found Inferno Hot Pilates years ago. “It’s a complete workout for the mind and body. No matter what your fitness level or experience you’ll get the benefits, you can see and feel the changes from that very first class”.

Tony believes having a strong core helps with your general health and well-being, it helps develop a strength and determination not only physically but emotionally and a belief that you can take on anything life throws at you.

He is looking forward to meeting you in the hot room soon!

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